About Us

It’s us.
Chris & Jenny.We’re a quirky pair of adventuresome travelers with a nasty side of the creative.

Chris spends most of his time strumming on his guitar, writing songs.

Jenny spends most of her time on facebook.

But she does other stuff too, like photography, writing, and blogging.

In fact, you can check out his music here, their photography website here and her Children’s Halloween e-book here.

We love life and people something terrible.

And love God even more terribly than that.

We’re currently living in the U.S., (Texas of all places!) but have some new plans a-brewin’ and will update you on those soon enough!

We have a rather large heart for orphans and survivors of sex-trafficking.

We have a vision to build Restoration Homes :
Safe, family-style homes where these kids can get healing, love and grow up in a strong environment.

Jenny will write a blog about that soon.

Well, that’s it for now.

We’d love to hear from you if you want to hear from us…


but, if you don’t want us to hear from you and you from us,

that’s okay too.

You can just read our blog whenever you want without obligation.

That’s cool with us.

Okay Bye.


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