O, Calloused Heart

November 20, 2014 § 1 Comment

Oh, how we forget.

In the busy-ness.
In the chaos.
In the groceries, the dishes, the toys on the floor, the 2 year olds in the cribs, the 7 month olds on the play mat.
The heart breaks, the health scares, the arguments, the mundane, the comparisons.

The River that flows endlessly and grace-FULLy through our own veins. From our hearts, to the outer most places and beyond.
And back again.

And all we have to do is flow with it.
Step in and let go.
Become one with and flow with the River.

When so often, we think…
We think too much. At least I do.
When all we need is to let go
and go with the River.

O, Calloused Heart,
You do not have to callous yourself. You can be vulnerable. You can breathe deep and exhale. You alone are not at war, although sometimes it feels like it. You can trust the River to take you where you need to go. To carry you. You can let go there. You can find freedom in It’s depths.

The Night is dark, but trust the River.
The panic is scary, but flow.
The world has many troubles, but He has overcome the world.
Let go of your defenses.

Open up once again.


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