Jeremiah Michael

July 7, 2014 § 1 Comment

Wowza. Blog posts are few and far between these rambunctious days of mothering two babies. Jordyn is many brilliant colors all bursting out of her little 20 month old body. She does everything boldly, loudly and with every ounce of her lioness-heart. And then there’s sweet Jeremiah, who is the star of this post. With rainbow-shaped eyes and a smile that’ll bring you to your knees, this little man has flipped our world upside down and filled our hearts with wonder once again.

Rewind almost seven years ago.
A man of 24 years was riding on a bus deep in the mountains of China. He was leaving one city where he served in a restaurant with a team on a trip called The World Race. It was on that bus ride that he was praying about nothing of great consequence when the Lord interrupted him and said,
“You’ll have a son named Jeremiah”.
He hadn’t really thought about kids or even a wife and suddenly the Lord is telling him his son’s name?

That 24 year old man was Chris.
And almost seven years later he’s in a hospital watching his son, Jeremiah, take his first breath.

Chris told me about his encounter with the Lord sometime after it happened. I don’t remember if we were married yet or not, but I know it immediately settled in my heart. One day, I’d have a son named Jeremiah.

When we found out I was pregnant this second time around, Jordyn was 8 1/2 months old and I’d just gone through two weeks of motherhood that would make even Mother Teresa consider birth control. But there it was, on all 4 hpt’s I took that day, the little “plus” sign.
I came out of the bathroom to tell Chris. He was standing at the living room window holding Jordyn and watching the crazy thunderstorm outside.
“Chriiisss?!” I called. My voice sounded shaky, uncertain in my own ears.
“Um, I’m pregnant”.

Ha. I wish I could adequately transcribe the next few minutes for you. To sum it up there were a lot of “What’s?!” “No ways!” and “Are you serious?”‘s. I took another test to verify. Yep. Yes way. Totally serious. We were having another baby!
It probably took me 3 days to not be anxious about it. As I said before, I’d just gone through two weeks of some tough motherhood. How was I going to do this? Could I? One was proving to be a handful for me. Could I really be a “good” mom to TWO?
So I prayed a lot. And reminded myself that God was in control and that He’d planned this from the beginning. He knew this little one already forming inside me and everything would be ok.

Once again, everyone knew it would be a boy before we did. And when we went in for the ultrasound, there was no mistaking. We were having a boy!

Chris and I had the conversation sometime later if we thought this was Jeremiah. In hindsight it’s kind of funny that we even had to ask, because now knowing this little guy, he is soooooo Jeremiah.

Michael is a family name on Chris’ side. On his Scottish side (whoa- Chris is Scottish?! Yep, half) it’s a tradition to give the firstborn son his grandfather’s first name as his middle name. Unfortunately, not all the men kept this tradition, so Chris decided to pick it back up giving Jeremiah his Grandpa’s first name. And his Grandpa’s name was Michael.

Jeremiah means God will uplift
Michael means Who is like God?

As I look over at this baby boy sleeping in his “Little Beach Bum” yellow onesie next to me, I’m overcome with gratitude. Once again, I am the blessed one. I am the one who gets to know this boy for the whole of the rest of my life. I am the chosen woman who gets to call this boy “son”. He is oh so sweet. The way he raises his eyebrows when he looks at you will melt your heart. It sure melts mine.

He is a leader. A warrior. A prince.
He is full of truth and light and will be able to call them both out in situations and in people.
And he’s perfect 🙂

Without further ado I introduce to you, Jeremiah Michael.


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  • Milane beausay says:

    Jenny and Chris: I opened my ipad a few minutes ago because we’re waiting for a bad storm to pass and read an email from a friend in Israel who taped a video of children having to leave a swimming pool because of rockets being sent by their enemy. That saddened me greatly then I immediately opened your announcement of Jeremiah’s birth and history of his name and I cried tears of joy instead of the previous email with tears of sorrow. This is probably the most touching announcements I have ever read. You two are spectacular!!!!!!!! Blessings on you and those precious babies. Hugs milane

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